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Here you’ll find all movies which do not require «buy» or «rent» specifically at the request of the licensor. Enjoy!

Films about art from the Art Newspaper Russia

This collection from the Art Newspaper contains films about the stars of modern art, the great world classics, Russian art and photography

Nonfiction X Diletante

We present you a collection of films compiled together with the historical project  "Dilettante" . It is recommended for viewing by all who are interested in history and respect different points of view. Look for comments from "Dilettante" in the description of the film

2018 | 12+ | 1ч 25мин

Wild Amsterdam

The film reveals all the secrets of the cult dynamic city through the eyes of its animal inhabitants
Mark Werker
2019 | 12+ | 50мин

Homeland trip

Uncle Alexander and his nephew Ivan go from a remote village in the Arkhangelsk region to the world Cup in Samara. For uncle Sasha, this is the first trip in 30 years and perhaps the only chance to see his country not only on TV
Ilya Zverev, Dmitriy Vologdin
2019 | 6+ | 54мин

Small Nations of a big country. Altai republic

The picture reflects the current state of culture and life of the indigenous peoples of the Altai
Yakov Yurovitsky
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