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Rudomino Library for Foreign Literature Choice

At first glance, our world seems enormous and complicated. When you start to study it from different angles, you begin to see that everything is based on core human values: kindness, love, faith, respect, and creativity. People all over the world strive to achieve understanding. Chosen by the Library of Foreign Literature, these films have its heroes take hard paths and make difficult choices, but we can learn a lot from these people and get inspired by their courage and dedication to follow their dreams. These films try to show us that peace is indivisible, and any problem can be solved by talking

2019 | 18+ | 2ч 5мин

The Iranian Conference

In this play, a protocol symposium turns into a lively conversation about spirituality, ethical dilemmas and personal experiences related to the fate of humankind and the condition of humanity today
Nikolai Gostyukhin
2018 | 26мин

Albatros. A Russian Film Studio in Paris

In 1920, Russian émigré filmmakers who left the country after the October 1917 revolution founded a film production company that would later be known as Films Albatros
Yuri Yarovenko, Alexander Moaks
2020 | 18+ | 1ч 26мин


A story about Ulya Richte, a prominent American writer, who is putting her whole career on the line to give a sincere and honest interview about herself
Nikolai Gostyukhin
2014 | 52мин

The price of the victory

Five sportsmen. Five stories about preparing for the Olympics. What price does victory cost them? Grueling training, recovery, minutes of rest, moments before the start...
Daria Markevich, Zoya Petrovna, Marina Sycheva, Ivan Bortnikov, Roman Denisenko
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