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Why is it beneficial to get a subscription?
After purchasing a subscription you will be able to watch almost all of the films from our library in unlimited mode and without being interrupted by commercials during the period which you have chosen. Now you will not have to pay for every movie separately. One click will give you access to the entire catalogue.
What will be available by subscription?
The list of films depends on the region of your residence. However, in any case you will have an opportunity to watch 90 % of all the movies represented at the website. The films, which may not be available by subscription, could be purchased or rented for 48 hours according to the previous scheme.
Is it possible to cancel my subscription or is it renewed automatically?
Automatic payment is a regular payment, which is made 24 hours before the end of your chosen subscription period. The automatic payment option is available if a credit or debit card is linked to your account. In order to cancel the payment automatically no later than the time indicated here, just go to your personal account where you can cancel or change subscription anytime.
Is it possible to watch films without subscription?
You can still manage without subscription if you are satisfied with that. In that case you may use the previous mechanisms of purchasing and renting a movie.
What is the duration of the grace period? What happens after the end of the period?
New users may take advantage of the grace period. After the registration you get the opportunity to use our online platform for free during 30 days. After the end of this period, the period of subscription starts, and your credit or debit card which is linked to your account is automatically charged. However, if you want to cancel subscription, you should do that 24 hours prior to the end of the grace period.
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