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How to watch our films?

We offer you two ways of watching films:

Почему некоторые фильмы не доступны по подписке?

Правами на фильмы владеют разные компании. Некоторые из них работают по схеме, которая предусматривает отдельные платежи за фильмы. Этот выбор делают прокатчики, когда мы приглашаем их разместить свой фильм в нашей коллекции. Рекомендуем сразу заходить в коллекцию «Доступно по подписке», где собраны все фильмы, которые можно посмотреть, оформив подписку.

Rent a film for 48 hours

The film will be available for viewing in the section “My films” within 48 hours after the launch, starting from the moment when you press PLAY button. During the rental period the film can be played unlimited number of times on various devices. Besides that, we will certainly warn you before the end of the rental period so that you could finish watching the movie without haste.

Which devices could be used to watch our films?

At the moment, movies at Nonfiction.film could be played on the following devices:



-Smartphones (so far without a mobile version).

What are the countries where you can use this service?

Our service is available throughout the world. However, the selection of films depends on the country where you are viewing them. You will get access only to those films for which the screening rights have been purchased in your region.

Почему могут быть не доступны для просмотра фильмы по подписке?

Проверьте, не подключен ли у вас VPN, или WIFI с внутренним VPN. Поскольку они автоматически меняют вашу геолокацию, фильмы, доступные пользователям в России, могут оказаться для вас заблокированы.

How to pay for watching?

At the moment you can pay for watching only with a credit or debit card during the registration process.

What should you do if your credit or debit card was charged, but the movie is not available?

Things happen. We apologize for any inconvenience in advance. This problem might be caused by the delay in transferring the money by the bank. However, we will take into account the amount you have paid in any case. You will have a chance to watch the film shortly after sending your message to the address: [email protected]

Is it possible to see a film in its original version or with subtitles?

The choice of subtitling or dubbing options depends on the region where you have decided to watch the movie.

Are the movies interrupted by ads?

Our online cinema is ad-free. We are saving your time. The films are never preceded or interrupted by ads.

Does our cinema offer documentary films only?

No. In our library we already have a section with best modern Russian films. In the future we are planning to add animation projects, series, concerts, and top theatre productions.

How to use a promo code?

To apply the promo code you need to log in and go into “Settings” section. There you will find a special field to enter your promo code.
If you have not found the answer to your question in FAQ section, send your inquiry to [email protected]