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2022 | 1ч 45мин

Everyone is Here

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Inspired by a 1975 American touring production of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” he visited as a young man, Dmitry Krymov’s “Everyone is Here” is a memory piece, a starting point for a flight of imagination and immersion into his own past. Wilder’s “Our Town” is superimposed on the personal memories of Krymov, his biography and events from his family life. The structure of the play gives rise to an interweaving of events, memories, reminiscences, fantasies, associations, dreams - a carefully planned, as if random confusion, which in the finale leads the viewer to a keen awareness of their own life. Nominated for five 2022 Golden Mask Awards, including Best Play and Best Director. Featuring Alexander Feklistov and a memorable Maria Smolnikova.

Captured on film before a live audience from the Moscow Theatre "School of Modern Plays", Russia.

1ч 45мин